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Management And Bookings:

519-567-7520  |  simplyqueentribute@gmail.com 

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Management And Bookings:
Tel: 519-567-7520  |  simplyqueentribute@gmail.com
Where does Simply Queen perform?
Queen is a musical Esperanto, and Simply Queen will travel far and wide to play wherever Queen's music is enjoyed.
Cruise ships
Simply Queen are ready to travel to any location by air, land, or sea.
Past charities supported include Autism Ontario and Diabetes Canada.
Corporate, private, indoor, and outdoor events
Theme parks





"Amazing, as it was as close to a Queen concert as you'll ever get (I saw Queen three times in concert)."

- Paul, July 28, 2013, Source: TripAdvisor

"Simply Queen was simply amazing, the singer Rick Rock was a virtual clone of Freddie Mercury and dazzled the audience with his vocal skills. Guitarist Bob Wegner was perfect, reproducing Brian May's intricate guitar work note for note."

- Terry H., September 28, 2015, Source: TripAdvisor

"Bob is a guitarist extraordinaire. He is over-qualified."

- Dr. Brian May

"Simply Queen was the first Queen cover band I ever saw and you set the bar high and I'm spoiled. I can't see another band without comparing them to you. Rick's vocals, plus Bob's Brian May like guitar playing, and bass player & drummer round out the fantastic sound that is Queen. Thank you!!"

- Chris S., March 11, 2015, Source: Facebook

"I first saw them five years ago playing The Regent in Oshawa. I've seen them many times since. Rick Rock (aka Freddie) is great and very charismatic. Bob was one of two guitarists chosen by Brian May and Roger Taylor to be in the Toronto production of We Will Rock You. He's toured the show all over the world to the tune of 1,500 odd performances. Mitch (John Deacon) is an excellent bassist with an insane vocal range. This performance was the first time I saw their new drummer, Phil. He nails Roger Taylor's vocals. I can't recommend them enough."

- Stephen G., September 16, 2018, Source: Facebook

"Amazing show in North Bay last night. Best tribute show I have ever seen."

- John B., March 12, 2017, Source: Facebook

"This is the second time I have seen the band. I am a huge Queen fan and have been for a long time. I'm from Scotland originally. I saw the band before they were even famous and many times after. The quality of your show is amazing and the talent is top class. I have never seen anybody that could pull Freddie off until I saw Simply Queen. Keep the legend alive guys! You are the best! I will be going to many of your concerts. Fantastic!  Thanks for the show guys!"

- Allan Crichton - fellow musician

"Fantastic show tonight!! The Simply Queen band ROCKS!! I can't imagine the work that went into that show!! So well done!!! Every seat in that concert was rockin'!! Thanks for an outstanding performance!!!!!"

- Glenn W., September 28, 2013, Source: Facebook

"You guys were excellent last night. Favorite song was Who Wants to Live Forever, that was a performance to make Freddie proud!"

- Bobby A., September 29, 2013, Source: Facebook

"AWESOME show last night, boys! My legs are killing me from dancing and my voice is shot from singing!!!! GOOD TIMES!!!"

- Rhonda W., November 15, 2014, Source: Facebook

"Amazing show in Brantford tonight. Thanks so much Rick Rock and the rest of the band for keeping the music alive."

- Michelle O., September 10, 2016, Source: Facebook

"Went to the over-packed Linsmore Tavern to see Simply Queen with Rick Rock who authentically recreates Freddie Mercury on piano, which is very tricky, and vocals, which is very, very tricky. The band, with Rob Cooper on keyboards, was incredible in reproducing the nuances and tones of Queen in a corner the size of a postage stamp, which is in itself quite an accomplishment as this is a big theatre show, but the chance to see these gentleman perform this close-up, was almost like being on stage. And man what an incredible voice Rick has, as that great material is extremely challenging to sing. They nailed the greatest hits but also played incredible gems like Death On Two Legs, Now I'm Here, and In Lap of the Gods to perfection. Go see these guys if you get a chance!"

- Lawrie I., May 18, 2014, Source: Facebook

"Thank you for making me appreciate the brilliance of Brian May."

- Audience Member

"I would go see them again if given the chance. Loved every minute of it."

- NewfieGal32, August 14, 2018, Source: Ticketmaster

"The music and performance were spot on and the crowd response was phenomenal!!  Thank you for this majestic tribute.  I felt like I had actually been to a Queen concert!"

 - Sherry W., May 25, 2019

"I want to THANK YOU for the BEST QUEEN TRIBUTE I'VE EVER SEEN!! From Freddie's look alike-Rick Rock, the vocals and SPOT ON musicians, I felt like I was back in the 80's!!"

 - Cheryl H., May 25, 2019

"You guys made my daughter cry. She was blown away by how accurate Rick’s portrayal of Freddie was. Fantastic!"

- Jeremy D., June 11, 2019, Source: Facebook


I just had the absolute honour of witnessing your amazingly electrifying tribute to Queen at the Taste of Lawrence. You all completely embody the spirits of Freddie, Brian, Roger, and Deacon to the point where I was almost in tears. It was as if I was really watching my favourite band of all time perform live in concert."

- Brittney M., July 7, 2019, Source: Facebook